Project Risk Management

PRM is a project risk management process developed to provide objective, timely assessments of your project. The process encompasses a series of pointed, short time frame reviews and assessments of project activities that are conducted throughout the lifecycle of the project. These risk reviews and assessment tools are easily adapted to align with any project delivery framework and include the following steps:

  • Feasibility review
  • Solution review
  • Contract/scope review
  • Project launch review
  • Periodic in-flight reviews
  • Monthly estimates at completion review
  • 360-degree satisfaction surveys
  • Closure assessment
  • Lessons learned submissions

Six risk areas are assessed in each review, and the relative importance of each area is uniquely weighted based upon the phase of the project when the review is conducted. Those areas include:

  • Relationships
  • Contract
  • Solution
  • Performance
  • Budget
  • Resources

At the conclusion of each risk review a report is issued to project leadership covering:

  • Risk scoring
  • Completion assessment
  • Recommendations